Sheila & Arron Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

I can not believe that my daughter’s wedding is over and it is already a month gone.

It all began 9 months ago when Sheila and Arron decided to take the nest step.

The venue they selected was Candlelight Farm Inn.  An absolutely amazing place surrounded by lush mountains, green meadows, lake and horse stables.

We started planning for 2 days event, Friday and Saturday, 270 guests on each day. The task was monumental, requiring lot of coordination of caterers, rentals, staffing and all other vendors.

We further complicated the matter by bringing in an Indian caterer from Manhattan for Friday event. He only brought the food and chefs, leaving a lot of work to be done.

We started looking for a person who would help us coordinate both days. After meeting a few other people, we met you. At our first meeting, we were convinced that you were the right person for the job. You were always available and accessible in pre-wedding days.

You put in tremendous amount of time and effort to make this a success.

Finally the wedding weekend arrived. The weather god cooperated, we had total confidence in you and your staff. Everything, I mean everything was perfect and went as planned. All of my guests unanimously told us that your staff was absolutely excellent, courteous and had mile on their faces all the time.

The food catered by you on Saturday was excellent. It started with amazing assortment of appetizers followed by sumptuous dinner. All vegetarians, more than half of my guests, enjoyed all vegetarian choices including vegetable Paella.

Chris, I know this was not an easy task but you kept your cool coordinating on Friday as well as Saturday. E-mails and phone calls still keep coming in. Unanimously, this was the best wedding they ever attended.

Thank you very much. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to your prospective  clients. Please convey our retards to your entire staff.

Please stay in touch and see you soon,

With warm regards,

Mamata & Jitendra Bharucha

Wedding; August 2017