Sebastian & Laura Wedding 2016

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the help planning and CREATING a perfect wedding reception.

The Gatsby/Downton Abbey ambiance we envisioned together was beautifully achieved!

My friends want to hire you!

And my two other children, my nieces and nephews want me to repeat the whole venue with Carriage House Catering for their weddings one day.

The hors d’oeuvre were delicious. The paella was a festive unique treat. Your meats and sides were great suggestions.

The strawberry short-cake by Monet Baking Company was a treat too. Rental items-truly gorgeous.

The Captains Chris and Catherine were thoughtful and hardworking-their friendly, calm demeanor set the scene (since the church wedding service ended ahead of time). But amazingly you all carried on calmly without complaining. I’m sorry your staff did not have time for a proper dinner due to this.

And miraculously you kept our wedding event’s schedule-first dance, and dinner and cake cutting and throwing the bouquet at a very nice pace.

Since everyone had a great time, and danced til the cows came home we know our guests had a GREAT time.

Best of all is getting a note from the newlyweds on Sunday night saying:

Hi Mom and Dad,

Sebastian and I just spent the whole dinner here in New York talking about how much we enjoyed the wedding and the entire weekend. Words really can’t express how grateful and loved we feel. Thank you for throwing the wedding of the century. Kate Middleton just called me to relinquish her crown.

Laura and Seb.