Mike & Tara Wedding 2013

Hi Chris,

So sorry for the delayed response, we just got back from our honeymoon and kept saying to ourselves that we need to touch base!

We cannot begin to thank you for all you did to make our wedding the best day of our lives. besides the food being delicious (all of our guests raved about it!), every detail was perfectly executed. Your whole team did an amazing job of orchestrating our chaos 🙂 It was an amazing gift to be able to actually enjoy our wedding without having to worry about all the details that are so easy to get caught up in.

You were an amazing person to work with from the start. You answered all our questions quickly and gave us the best advice on all aspects of the wedding. Every person you recommended also worked in the same way you do, and made up an amazing team.

I don’t think we can really express how grateful we are to you. You always calmed us and made us feel at ease that everything was no only going to be okay but be beautiful and you absolutely came through in fulfilling that promise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mike and Tara