Mark & Kylene Wedding 2018

Hey Chris!

FINALLY finding some time to unwind and relax after this whirlwind.

I can say enough about the amazing time we had. I wanted to say than you for everything that you guys did to making things great for us on our big day. People are still talking about how it was the best and favorite wedding they have ever been to. The food was amazing and there was so much of it!

From our first meetings to the last one we had the weekend before, you told us not to worry and that you will take care of us. You certainly did, from the moment we walked into the venue Kaye was there asking us what we needed and had it taken care of immediately. We trusted your judgement and you delivered. I wouldn’t have changed much at all on the evening. All the logistics I wouldn’t have thought of or other caterers would have you did.

I also wanted to note how your staff took care of our wedding party and our parents. My groomsmen and ushers kept saying I feel I don’t deserve the treatment I’m getting. You made them feel like superstars. Lastly, I didn’t even tell you who my 91-year-old grandmother was and your staff figured it out and basically waited on her hand and foot. Getting her chairs, drinks, water and continued to check on her throughout the night.

There’s a bunch more I can say and sure I am missing but again thank you and I hope to see you in the future!

Mark & Kylene

Wedding: January 2018