Lauren & Tommy Wedding 2016

Testimonial from the Mother of the Bride; Marybeth Vandergrift


It’s been over 2 weeks since the wedding and I am writing to tell you that everyone we’ve seen and spoken with since, has done nothing but given rave reviews to the evening. We have received countless emails, texts and even thank you notes for the wonderful event. All notes shared a common theme of BEST WEDDING EVER, or INCREDIBLE EVENT!

The attention to detail from you, your captains and crew was beyond compare. It took a simple glance to get someone’s attention, and whatever the request, small or large, was handled instantaneously and without fanfare.

The cocktail hour was a huge hit, and many guests are still asking the names of the delicious appetizers that were served hot an a rather chilly evening.

The dinner was amazing. Your crew managed to serve nearly 200 guests within record time. The plates were stunning and beyond delicious. And every single vegan request was handled beautifully. Delicious!

Without going into a lot of detail, the countless liquor runs were also appreciated.

Your name and information has been requested over and over, and I hope we will see you at future events of our friends.

Thank you Chris, you are a peach and I loved working with you even when you got tough. I can’t tell you how much I depended of the fact that you had this under control all along the way. I would, and do recommend you to anyone who asks.

Take care and thank you again. Carriage House Catering rocks!

Warm Regards,

Marybeth Vandergrift (Mother of the Bride)