Laura and Ben 2019

To start, no need to block our names out while forwarding this message to the hundreds of already confirmed and/or prospective clients, for we would be happy to discuss Carriage House Catering with anyone.

Chris – We just wanted to take a minute and thank you for what became a day/night that we will never forget. Your staff was incredible, and we appreciate everything they did for us!

Kaye – The professionalism, attention to detail, and care you gave and provided us helped create an amazing wedding that not only met expectations but far surpassed them. We appreciated how flexible and supportive you were, and your knowledge and memory of what we deemed significant and important put us at ease and gave us all the confidence in the world. From start to finish, you were in complete control, and you handled requests and situations proactively with both class and a calm demeanor. Specifically, you took care of situations without needing to even involve us, and that was possible due to the time you invested in getting to know the two of us. Once again, thank you for everything you did to help make this wedding a dream come true!

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Meghan for all that she did at our reception!


Ben & Laura Young

p.s. Linda’s email will be coming soon once out of town guests leave.


Hi Chris,

    Our out of town guests have left and life is returning to normal…John & I can now just happily reflect on Laura and Ben’s wedding. It was clear throughout this past year and especially on Saturday that you and your staff truly care about providing couples with a top notch wedding experience. Every detail was so well executed, your recommendations for linen and liquor vendors were spot on and you all work so well together.
     Kaye is a treasure and I am sure you hear that often!!! Her calm, professional and well organized handling of the flow of the event was perfect! Meghan was wonderful; anticipating what was needed and providing it. The rest of the staff also…professional, hardworking and amazing! (Kaye handled the cake pop issue quietly and took the time to come up with a solution without worrying the bride and groom…thank you!) 🙂

     Did I mention the food? Excellent, well presented and plentiful!!  Service was impeccable. Our guests have been raving about the food, the venue, the band, the flowers.Especially noting how smoothly everything “flowed” during the reception…that is thanks to you, Kaye and your amazing staff. The gorgeous weather was another blessing that day!!

     John and I wanted Laura and Ben’s day to be a perfect start to this next chapter in their lives…it surpassed our hopes and dreams for them!! We would happily recommend you to anyone looking for the best of the best in wedding caterers.
     Enjoy the rest of the summer.!!
Best regards,
Linda Barbosa