John & Kerri Wedding 2017


First and foremost, a big thank you for delivering exactly what you promised. John and Kerri’s wedding was as exciting and successful as any father of the bride could ever hope for!

You told us not to worry, that your people were professionals and that they had everything under control, whether that was in the kitchen, at the bar, among the guests, or where ever they were needed. You were right, I never once had to think about our guests – you and your team did that for us and relieved us of any stress the day of the wedding! Your preparation, professionalism and outstanding team did it all and allowed Margie and I to enjoy the day with our family, friends and, of course the new couple.

Your hors d’oeuvres were delicious, served perfectly and started the reception off with a bang. Guests started talking immediately about how good they were and set expectations quite high for the dinner.

The fillets of beef were cooked perfectly, not overdone and dried like at most weddings. The Chilean sea bass and the mango chutney sauce were what I would expect at a fine NY restaurant. Kudos to you for delivering the quality we hoped for at the finest restaurant.

Our guests were universally highly complimentary of both the food and the service. We have received emails, letters, phone calls and text – all asking how you were able to pull off such outstanding food.

Your willingness to take care of the bar arrangements relieved me of another task that was much appreciated.

I know you are a professional, one of the best at what you do, but it is still hard for me to believe that you were able to deliver exactly what you promised at what I felt was a more than reasonable price. I really appreciated your frankness on where we should spend money and where we should save. You were right on the mark with each decision you helped us with. I can’t say enough about you and your team.

Please feel free to have any of your potential customers contact Margie or me to discuss our experience. I know if they choose Carriage House they will not be disappointed.

All the best,

Marty Doran

Wedding: 5/2017