Jed & Adrienne Wedding 2015

Hey Chris,

Jed and I just got back from our Honeymoon and before it got too far gone we wanted to make sure we extended our huge gratitude to you and your staff!

I wouldn’t say that we had many crazy requests, but we had a few out of the box ideas (shotski, walnut cards, etc.) and we want to thank you for making all of them go off without a hitch. Jed’s family was so moved by the escort cards (many of them were brought to tears) – the photos that Erica took of them are magical! You saw the shotski first hand and the power it has on fun – so also, thank you!

I also have to say that your staff was INCREDIBLE! I was never without – every time I needed something I didn’t even have to look for someone – there was literally someone next to me to change my shoes and one of your girls literally took my current shoes off and ran to get the others! They knew what I wanted before I wanted – haha! My dad was quite impressed with them as well, he said every time he had an empty drink there was someone hear him with a new one or whatever he wanted!

The private dinner was awesome and gave Jed and I some alone time as well as the opportunity to actually eat the delicious food – let me tell you – the shrimp was my FAVORITE – the ginger sauce was perfection – really all the food was amazing!

I want to say as well that every person/outfit you recommended from photography to DJ to baker were perfection as well. It was lovely to have such great people to work with who saw our vision and made it all come together. I was nervous about doing an “a la carte” wedding at first, but because of you and the professionals you surround yourself with it was all so easy and everything was elegant and gorgeous!

Everyone I have spoken to post the wedding said that they did not notice a single thing wrong with the day and neither did we! Jed’s parents, my parents and everyone else were so pleased with the entire day and celebration. I could go on writing forever, but I won’t – your time is precious.

Listen, just thank you, thank you, thank you so much for making the day everything we could have asked for and more.

All the Best,

Adrienne & Jed

Wedding: 2015