Isabelle & Burkett Wedding 2016

Burkett & I are on our way to the honeymoon and wanted to make sure you send a note to forward to Chris and Erica, our amazing captains during our wedding last night at the Wavney House.

We were waited on from the moment we arrived for first look pictures right through the very end of the reception.

Sadly just as the dinner stations opened it started to rain. Chris was running cocktail tables inside and setting up makeshift seating indoors on the fly. When the rain stopped and we wanted to continue dancing outside Chris quickly problem solved a way to dry off the patio so people wouldn’t slip. They used a squeegee and a leaf blower to clean a dance floor and the party was saved.

Later Chris and Erica brought out our paper lanterns and a lighter just as the sun was setting. We had a magical moment watching the lanterns fly through the night sky made even more special by not having to think about the logistics of the lanterns because it was all taken care of!!

The food was great but second to the quality of service we received. We are so grateful and appreciative for the entire staff.

Thank you!!!

Isabelle & Burkett Farquhar

Wedding: 7/10/16