David & Katie Wedding 2018

Chris, Hope all is well and you’re well into the next big event coming up this weekend.

Kaye, Hoping the weather is great for you and you’re enjoying those Jamaican breezes!

To both of you, and the rest of the Carriage House Staff, we really don’t know how to properly thank you for the amazing event you pulled off this past weekend. I think the thing that really stuck out above all else, was how much each and every member of the staff cared and was committed to the success of the weekend. From Mike working with us to move the timing on Friday night’s rehearsal dinner, to Zach helping out with coordinating the buses, to Mitch behind the bar, and more examples than we have time to recount, it was a team effort everyone could really feel.

Chris, it certainly has been a journey since first meeting you on our site visit back in September of ’17. We’re realizing now what absolute good fortune it was that our paths crossed then. Every detail, small to large, and even the ones we didn’t know enough to care about, you had covered. No box of cards? You and the team found us one.  A freak rainstorm during our outdoor ceremony? You and the crew flawlessly had it covered. We moved this, rearranged that, turned the whole thing upside down and backwards, and you all stuck with us.

We couldn’t have done it without you, and couldn’t recommend you more highly.

Looking forward to the next time we see each other!

All the best,

David & Kate

Wedding: October 2018