Christopher & Renata Wedding 2013

Dear Chris,

Renata and I would like to thank you for the excellent work at our recent wedding. She and I put a lot of care into the details of our wedding, and appreciate the help, support, and quality of your team.

Getting married isn’t easy. It’s a challenge preparing for the wedding day. Ren and I put a good deal of effort into making our flowers, center pieces, choosing our music, etc., put we never had to worry about the food. From helping us make the best decisions about our linens, and our wines, and dishes to complement our vision of our wedding day, you and your staff were there in every way.

All of our guests were pleased and impressed with the flavor, quality and freshness of the cuisine prepared for our wedding. I remember distinctly, as I enjoyed a serving of some delicious, prime rib, watching you and your staff visit each table, describe the entree’s, sauces, and side dishes with obvious care and pride. When my wife and I were being photographed with our families a server was always nearby making sure that we were being cared for.

Even when surprises happened, you and your staffers responded with care, professionalism, and with excellence. Not only did I never worry about the food, or the service, but I was routinely wowed by the attention to detail and care that we received.

I can heartily recommend Carriage House Catering to anyone seeking the highest quality food, service and attention that their guests and family deserve. Five stars, a perfect experience.

Christopher & Renata

Venue: Tarrywile Mansion

Rentals: All Season Party Rentals