Wedding at Tarrywile Mansion

Caitlin & Jay Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

Our heartfelt thanks to you and your marvelous team for helping make our wedding Saturday at the Tarrywile Mansion the most wonderful celebration we could have imagines! When we first met with you last year your pride and confidence in your work and staff convinced us on the spot that you should be the one to orchestrate our wedding–no need to event contact any other caterers!

Then, after attending the amazing tasting in January we couldn’t stop dreaming of the banquet that would be ours down the road. The only problem was narrowing down our choices of for stations and appetizers. The sea bass, lamb and beef were scrumptious; the most appetizers (especially the raspberry/brie bundles) were so good that whenever a server passed by with another beautifully presented tray, all conversation stopped as guests filled their napkins with “just a few more.” More than one guest (including Caitlin’s “foodie” brother) commented that it was the best wedding food they’d ever had.

You are right to brag about your staff–every one of them was attentive, thoughtful, personable, courteous, efficient and always smiling. Without being intrusive, Erica kept checking to see if we needed anything and kept things on schedule throughout the evening. Our baker, who had not worked at Tarrywile before, was so impressed with the staff’s help in getting the cupcake display set up and later packed up at the end of the night.

Last but not least, thank you Chris for all you did throughout the planning process, from providing the great Pertinent Details form to arranging our rental and liquor orders with the vendors to inviting our parents to witness a wedding setup beforehand in order to talk with staff to get ideas for our event. Most of all, thank you for your ongoing availability, suggestions and reassurance “not to worry” because everything would be fine. It was more than fine, it was wonderful!

Caitlin & Jay

Wedding; September 2017