Bruckner 25th Anniversary

Dear Chris,

Thank you for coming in and sweeping our event up to the highest standards to meet and exceed our vision.

It has been a whirlwind preparation, enjoyment and follow up.  As we take a moment to look at photos of two weeks ago today we are filled with gratitude for the incredible people that came together to celebrate, the gorgeous day & natural environment and exquisite details which you, your wife, event lead – Kaye and team helped to bring into reality.

A true pleasure to welcome you all into our hearts and we would like to share our deep appreciation for all the attention to detail and the many extra efforts to ensure the magic of the day.

A few special shout outs: to your wife for the beautiful corner setting, to Kaye for her gentle steadfast care before and throughout the day, to Meagan for her hands-on support to help me with pre-event setup/tree, to all of the team for their support and professionalism and of course to you for your fast, detailed, holistic support.

The event in August at Candlelight Farms was the perfect celebration of the ‘Grace and Gratitude’ in all of our lives and a warm reminder, to continue ‘Celebrating the love, abundance and grace around us all every moment’.

With gratitude,


Christine & Family

Event Date: August 2018