Amanda Brosky Wedding 2015

Hi Chris,

Great to hear from you. Yes, we couldn’t have had a better day, and you and your team were a big part of the reason we were able to enjoy ourselves. Logistically, I know that you had to take care of some snafus behind the scenes, and I appreciate all of your effort! To not have that burden on me or my family was huge. Also you clearly did a good job, because everything looked perfect to me :0) We also really enjoyed the food. I couldn’t get over the beef in particular – I think it’s the first time I’ve had a beef entrée’ at a wedding and it wasn’t overcooked! But many guests have commented about how good the apps were in particular. So, well done all around!

Glad to hear that Jim was happy with everything…I’m not surprised, you guys did a great job :0)

I appreciate your patience throughout the process (I didn’t make things any easier by sending the pertinent info at the very last-minute!) Thank you again for all of your (and your team’s) hard work!!



Wedding: 2015