2019 Madeline Turci

Hi Chris,

I wanted to send you a note for the short time I’ve come up for air.  Andy’s sister and her party of five left this week for their Oregon homes and we have more houseguests coming Monday night from Indiana.  I believe you heard from Laura, whose wedding you are doing at the end of July at Waveny, that I was busy working 4 shows at the Palace Theater in Stamford (and tap dancing in two shows) the weekend after Kristen’s wedding.  It’s been a crazy time.

But  no matter how crazy life is, the wedding and reception will stay in my heart as an incredible experience.  And I thank you for your big part in that.  Just yesterday I got a call from one of my cousins, who said –  and I think these were her exact words – “I don’t know who your caterer was, but whoever he was, he was fantastic.”    Everything was wonderful:  appetizers to chocolate-covered strawberries.  The paella, unique at a wedding, was an especially big hit.  The same cousin told me that she ordered paella at a restaurant the next night, since she had enjoyed the dish so much at the wedding.  But at the restaurant, she was terribly disappointed!

I wish I could have taken home Kay and her two co-captains.  My life would be that much more organized.  They were amazing and just a pleasure to work with.

Thanks again Chris –  Thank you for helping make the wedding so easy to enjoy.