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I am contacting you because my fiancee’ Rebecca and I are considering hiring Chris Angione at Carriage House Caterers to cater our wedding at Tarrywile Mansion and Park in Danbury next summer. Chris gave me your email address, and urged me to contact you as a reference.

In any case to make this as easy as possible, would it be possible for you to answer these questions? Sorry in advance for taking up your time!


Nol Honig

Response by Joseph Garzi, president and CEO of Southridge Technology, Grp, LLC

I’ve used Carriage House Catering twice and both times it was the best experience I’ve ever had. The project management was by far unbelievable, while most caterers are concerned about themselves; Chris was orchestrating the entire event. He kept everyone on target, managed every task down to the color of the tablecloth and then some, unbelievable. What I loved most is how he gave me options for things I would have never thought of, making both my events spectacular. I have never met anyone with such passion for their field and would recommend Carriage House Catering 500%.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the quality of food, and the staff?

I would rate Carriage House Catering a 10+

2. Were there any difficulties dealing with Chris, or anyone at CHC, throughout the process?

None at all, Chris took a very stressful day and made it stress free.

3. How accurate is Chris in terms of estimating cost?

Very accurate, Chris was upfront with all costs, hitting all estimates he gave.

4. If you (or your spouse) are a vegetarian, how satisfied were you with vegetarian entrees and appetizers?

I’m not a vegetarian so I can’t speak about something like that, but at a recent event I had, my sister’s daughter has sever peanut allergies and Chris took extra care not to infuse peanuts in the menu, which he was successful. Very Impressive.

5. If there are any other things you would like to share with us, please feel free. We really appreciate the help.

I got other quotes from other caterers and they all profess to do a great job but when you really look at Chris’s references, his past clientele, you won’t find another caterer that will handle an event with such professionalism. If I had to say one thing to share with you would be this. You only get one chance to have your day; you can’t take it back, You Won’t Be Disappointed With Chris and his Staff. His tag line says it all, “When it has to be PERFECT”, Call Carriage House Catering, it really is true.

Good Luck,

Joseph Garzi


Southridge Technology Grp. LLC