Henrik & Katie Wedding 2018

Hi Chris,

It’s been a week since our wedding and we’re still glowing about how perfect our day was. Your staff and team made our day smooth and effortless. All our guests raved about the appetizers (some talked about saving the asparagus bites and taking them home by the truckload) and how great the meal was–we think it tasted even better than when we tried the food at your demo in January! All entree’s were cooked and seasoned perfectly.

Your team was professional and efficient–we are so happy that we chose Carriage House Events to work with on our big day. We were able to relax and enjoy our day–there was nothing to worry about with your team at the helm.

Our families also wanted to pass along their thanks for how professional and efficient your team was–especially Henrik’s father. He was so impressed with your team and the food. Many of our guests mentioned that it was the best wedding they had ever been to–and we agree!

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Henrik & Katie Edin

Wedding: March 2018

Mark & Kylene Wedding 2018

Hey Chris!

FINALLY finding some time to unwind and relax after this whirlwind.

I can say enough about the amazing time we had. I wanted to say than you for everything that you guys did to making things great for us on our big day. People are still talking about how it was the best and favorite wedding they have ever been to. The food was amazing and there was so much of it!

From our first meetings to the last one we had the weekend before, you told us not to worry and that you will take care of us. You certainly did, from the moment we walked into the venue Kaye was there asking us what we needed and had it taken care of immediately. We trusted your judgement and you delivered. I wouldn’t have changed much at all on the evening. All the logistics I wouldn’t have thought of or other caterers would have you did.

I also wanted to note how your staff took care of our wedding party and our parents. My groomsmen and ushers kept saying I feel I don’t deserve the treatment I’m getting. You made them feel like superstars. Lastly, I didn’t even tell you who my 91-year-old grandmother was and your staff figured it out and basically waited on her hand and foot. Getting her chairs, drinks, water and continued to check on her throughout the night.

There’s a bunch more I can say and sure I am missing but again thank you and I hope to see you in the future!

Mark & Kylene

Wedding: January 2018

Danielle & Tom Wedding 2017


Oh my gosh that was literally the BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES!!!! Tom and I had a blast and just want do it all over again. We got snow!!!

Your captains were amazing and I love them! Kay and the girl with the pony tail who helped all the ladies and Tom and I (I can’t remember her name) but they both were incredible!!! I loved them! People raved about the food and the service. No one seemed to really notice all the changes with tales, it was like your people were invisible haha. Every detail got done and everything was so perfect. All that talk about being “The Man” was TOTALLY true! Thank you so much for being so generous, helpful and making our day everything we dreamed of. BEST DAY EVER!!! We can’t stop smiling.

We feel very luck and blessed to have worked with you. Thank you again for all you did for us. I hope you have a relaxing and fun holiday with family and friends!


Danielle & Tom

Wedding: December 2017

Margaret & Brian Wedding 2017

Email from Susan, Mother of the Bride

Dear Chris,

Two simple words don’t seem quite enough but…Thank You!

I can’t express strongly enough how happy, excited and overwhelmed with joy we all felt after my daughter’s September wedding. I know I emailed you the very next day to quickly thank you and let you know how fantastic you and all of Carriage House Catering did with making Margaret and Brian’s wedding so magical, knowing I was exhausted, but I wanted to let you know immediately you hit a home run and that I would write more later. You assured me all along, it would be fantastic. And I believed you. But no one can really know how it feels when your daughter gets married and the wedding is so well orchestrated, every detail thought of, executed to a tee, care and dedication from your staff offered to our guests, until you actually go through it. You understood how I would feel, but I didn’t know I would feel that …until it was all set in motion that evening. People kept coming up to me exclaiming how great the food is, and oh, the h’ordeuvres! …how beautiful the event was, how attentive the staff is, with many people asking “who is this caterer and how did we find you?”! I gave your name out joyfully many times with high praise.

As you know, it was a relatively small, intimate wedding, with 80 guests, but perfectly matched for the size and nature of Tarrywile Mansion, a beautiful historic turn-of-the century mansion in Danbury, CT set on acres and acres of park like grounds. The Tarrywile Mansion staff were the ones that led me to you, offering high regard and recommendation for your skill and manner of professionalism and level of sophistication. I felt in good hands and trusted in you. Your Tasting Affair offered in January to all your contract clients impressed me so much with your catering ability, quality of food preparation, organizational skills and equally important, the unbelievable staff you employ, I knew we had chosen the right caterer and day-of-event planner! None months later, I walked into Tarrywile, before the ceremony would begin, the rooms transformed with table settings, decorations, flowers, linens…all done the way I would have personally, but didn’t have to!  Your staff did a fantastic job setting up. It was truly beautiful and made me feel so proud.

Your two captains, Erika and Dana, were phenomenal. The Bride and Groom were so well looked after, answering their questions or timing of things before they could even think it out lour…that was Margaret’s words! And I could see how the whole staff looked after all our guests. One of your staff especially looked after my Dad, Grandfather of the bride, who is quite elderly, but enjoyed himself to no end. He told me he hadn’t danced that much in a long time…and he’s 99! I know she was looking out for him as he got up, anticipating his needs, etc. She was so sweet and caring. You don’t get this kind of attention from many people, let alone a business. And I think that’s my point, your staff are more than employees, they are obviously a family to you, long-term lovely people, who love what they each do! And its obvious you take good care of them. Your chefs are highly skilled and executed the menu design to great satisfaction. The bartenders were fun and talented…and made the signature drink perfectly!

Another amazing aspect was at the end of the wedding, as our guests were saying their goodbyes, last ones leaving, my high heels wanting to come off, not looking forward to packing up and getting everything home, your staff quickly, quietly, methodically broke down the event in seemingly minutes. 10:00 was the end of the wedding and by 10:40 most items were packed at the front door waiting for our cars to be filled up and driven home. That was impressive. And such a relief!

Chris, you and Carriage House Catering delivered in a big way and again, I Thank You! I couldn’t be more pleased. And the Bride and Groom are still on cloud nine…amazed at how magical it all was. I couldn’t ask for more.

With warm regards,

Susan Canada

Mother of the Bride

Jennifer & Kevin Wedding 2017


Kevin, my parents and I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, time and the sincere care you put into Kevin and my October wedding. Kevin and I had the BEST time EVER!!! I really can’t describe the amazing feeling we had all night.

Chris, you are truly a pro and everyone should be fortunate enough to have you plan and execute their wedding. Everyone loved the food and I had many ask who the caterer was. They couldn’t get over how good the food was. I always hear how the Bride and Groom don’t have enough time to eat at their own wedding. Not so at our wedding! Your wonderful and very friendly staff mad sure we always had something to drink and eat. We were first in line for the stations:)

I can’t thank you enough for calming my anxieties the week of the wedding:) It truly made a difference knowing you had multiple back-up plans all under control.

Kevin and I keep saying we want to do it all over again this weekend!


Barbara, Vito, Jennifer & Kevin

Wedding: October 2017

Putetti Wedding 2017

Good Morning Chris,

Was going to email you this morning. Just wanted to settle at home. The food was a great success and the guests raved about it. Thank you so much. Erica and the other captains were excellent. I couldn’t thank them enough. They helped ease the stress of the wedding off and helped with the baby. Again, thank you so much for everything. It was a blessing to have you guys for the wedding. You helped with everything (especially cost) and the stress of planning a wedding from Florida.

Thank you again for everything and it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.

Stay healthy and God bless,


Wedding: October 2017

Kaitlin & Ryan Wedding 2017 – Parents

Dear Chris,

What do you do when you’ve run out of words to describe the perfect day? You say “thank you!”

You and your team were superb on Saturday. From the moment the team arrived in the morning it was like clock work. Everyone knew exactly what they had to do and when to do it. Tables, chairs, wine barrels, bars, place settings, glasses were all moved to just the right spots and everyone did their work with an incredibly pleasant attitude. Erica, Shannon and Katherine were so attentive throughout the day, anything we needed, they were there. They paid attention to every little detail, asking questions when they weren’t sure and following through on any requests I had.

As for the food, I can’t tell you the compliments we received. I think I heard more than ten people say, “I’ve never had such good food at a wedding!” My brother-in-law could still name every single hors d’oeuvres Sunday morning saying each and every one was delicious. Everything served was so yummy, the salmon, paella, pumpkin ravioli, et al… Just so good!

And the flowers were stunning! Diane understood exactly what we wanted and created some real floral masterpieces. The moment I saw the bridal bouquet I got teary. She even took the time to help us add a special family keepsake to Kaitlin’s bouquet. Diane was so patient and her work so beautiful you would have thought it was her own daughter’s wedding. Just wonderful!

So many family members left the weekend on a cloud and that was in part due to you and your team’s hard work and professionalism.

The fond memories will life on.

Thank you!

Beck and Tom Blankenmeier

Kaitlin & Ryan Wedding 2017

Hi Chris,

Apologies this is a little late – we are back in town and catching up on life!

Thank you so much for making our wedding an absolute dream come true. We are still on cloud 9 as we think about how special you made the day. Your team was so wonderful to work with – they were professional, pleasant and incredibly helpful. They were always ready to roll up their sleeves and help with anything that was needed and at a moment’s notice.

To echo my Mom’s note, the food was unbelievable and our guests are still raving about how much they loved the potatoes and paella station! Everything came together so wonderfully and it was beyond what we could have ever imagined for our wedding day. Thank you for working so hard to make our day so magical.



Wedding: October 2017

Susan & Carlos Wedding 2017

Hello Chris:

Saturday was an exceptional day thanks to you and your staff. Everyone said the food was delicious and nothing like they ever had at any other wedding. Some of the head table went back for a fourth serving. The Paella was a head table favorite. There was no shortage of food to choose from. From the presentation of all the food to your professional staff, we would like to give you our sincere thanks.

Tarrywile Mansion and the grounds were beautiful and made for a great photo shoot. Everyone felt right at home. From our first meeting to the wedding day, your assistance made the planning as stress free as possible.

Thank you again. You are highly recommended.

-Ellen and David Hamilla, parents of the bride


Rybos-Mattiace Wedding 2017


Thank you so much for everything you and your staff did for us. Our wedding was perfect! Everything from our view went seamlessly. Our guests raved about the food – from the cocktail hour to the entrees. One of the best comments we heard was from an anesthesiologist that I work with. She was born and raised in Valencia Spain and she said your Paella was authentic and gave it a 10.

Your staff was courteous, friendly and orchestrated the whole event professionally; everything flowed beautifully. You made the whole process easy and we knew you would deliver what you said. Thank you for all you did for us from taking care of last minute glitches to the last minute decision to have the ceremony outside. I didn’t have to worry about a thing that day which is exactly how every bride should feel. You and your staff were a huge part of creating the wedding we envisioned and we are truly thankful for that.

Thank you!

Michelle Rybos-Mattice

Wedding; September 2017

Kay & Tyler Wedding 2017


What can I say!!! You guys killed it!!! Your crew is absolute perfection! The way Kristen and Dana hustled catering to all of Tyler and I’s needs, the way they set everything up and handled all the details. Your crew in the kitchen was top notch! We got compliments on the food all night and are still receiving messages today! It was pure perfection! Thank you for being patient with me and always answering all of my questions! We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thank you sooo much!

Kay & Tyler King

Wedding; September 2017

Sheila & Arron Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

I can not believe that my daughter’s wedding is over and it is already a month gone.

It all began 9 months ago when Sheila and Arron decided to take the nest step.

The venue they selected was Candlelight Farm Inn.  An absolutely amazing place surrounded by lush mountains, green meadows, lake and horse stables.

We started planning for 2 days event, Friday and Saturday, 270 guests on each day. The task was monumental, requiring lot of coordination of caterers, rentals, staffing and all other vendors.

We further complicated the matter by bringing in an Indian caterer from Manhattan for Friday event. He only brought the food and chefs, leaving a lot of work to be done.

We started looking for a person who would help us coordinate both days. After meeting a few other people, we met you. At our first meeting, we were convinced that you were the right person for the job. You were always available and accessible in pre-wedding days.

You put in tremendous amount of time and effort to make this a success.

Finally the wedding weekend arrived. The weather god cooperated, we had total confidence in you and your staff. Everything, I mean everything was perfect and went as planned. All of my guests unanimously told us that your staff was absolutely excellent, courteous and had mile on their faces all the time.

The food catered by you on Saturday was excellent. It started with amazing assortment of appetizers followed by sumptuous dinner. All vegetarians, more than half of my guests, enjoyed all vegetarian choices including vegetable Paella.

Chris, I know this was not an easy task but you kept your cool coordinating on Friday as well as Saturday. E-mails and phone calls still keep coming in. Unanimously, this was the best wedding they ever attended.

Thank you very much. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to your prospective  clients. Please convey our retards to your entire staff.

Please stay in touch and see you soon,

With warm regards,

Mamata & Jitendra Bharucha

Wedding; August 2017

Matthew & Elizabeth Wedding 2017

To Chris and his staff:

Thank you to you and your staff for making our wedding day one of the most memorable and magical nights of our lives. From the first time we met you, we know that you would help us create the wedding of our dreams. You were always accessible through the whole planning process. Your staff were so efficient, kind, helpful and always smiling. Our guests were beyond happy and pleased. We received countless compliments regarding how amazing your staff was. The food was out of this world! We can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful everything tasted! People were talking all night about the paella and how everything tasted so fresh. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for all your hard work and dedication. You were amazing to work with since day one. So gracious, accommodating, and insightful every step of the way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Matthew and Elizabeth Kurimai

Wedding; September 2017

Caitlin & Jay Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

Our heartfelt thanks to you and your marvelous team for helping make our wedding Saturday at the Tarrywile Mansion the most wonderful celebration we could have imagines! When we first met with you last year your pride and confidence in your work and staff convinced us on the spot that you should be the one to orchestrate our wedding–no need to event contact any other caterers!

Then, after attending the amazing tasting in January we couldn’t stop dreaming of the banquet that would be ours down the road. The only problem was narrowing down our choices of for stations and appetizers. The sea bass, lamb and beef were scrumptious; the most appetizers (especially the raspberry/brie bundles) were so good that whenever a server passed by with another beautifully presented tray, all conversation stopped as guests filled their napkins with “just a few more.” More than one guest (including Caitlin’s “foodie” brother) commented that it was the best wedding food they’d ever had.

You are right to brag about your staff–every one of them was attentive, thoughtful, personable, courteous, efficient and always smiling. Without being intrusive, Erica kept checking to see if we needed anything and kept things on schedule throughout the evening. Our baker, who had not worked at Tarrywile before, was so impressed with the staff’s help in getting the cupcake display set up and later packed up at the end of the night.

Last but not least, thank you Chris for all you did throughout the planning process, from providing the great Pertinent Details form to arranging our rental and liquor orders with the vendors to inviting our parents to witness a wedding setup beforehand in order to talk with staff to get ideas for our event. Most of all, thank you for your ongoing availability, suggestions and reassurance “not to worry” because everything would be fine. It was more than fine, it was wonderful!

Caitlin & Jay

Wedding; September 2017


Kerry & Mark Wedding 2017

Hi Chris,

We wanted to write to thank you for taking care of everything for and during our Keeler Tavern wedding this past Friday. We appreciate all the coordination you did to get the many details we planned executed the way we envisioned.  Everything was set up perfectly. We find it amazing you can keep track through sometimes a year or more of planning each individual couple and all the things they want, and get it right each time. That’s amazing.

Chris, you personally have amazing customer service. You were always available to answer a question practically immediately after we asked it by email. If you couldn’t answer right away you let us know when you would. You always put our minds at ease for any questions or concerns that came up.

Your staff is incredibly nice and kind and accommodating. All very professional, they always there for whatever we needed and keeping everything on track. Your bartender super friendly. The servers swift, and showing the utmost concern for a small slip of a guest. Asking if she was ok and if we needed anything to seek any one of them out for assistance.

The food was spot on. Mark and I wish we had a chance to really try it. The few bites we had were not nearly enough!! Many of the guests commented on how everything tasted. We were very appreciative that the chef came out to ask us personally how everything was.

Thank you again. It’s been a while since we started this journey planning with you. I am going to miss it!

Kerry & Mark

Wedding: June 2017

James & Jasiel Wedding 2017


Everything was superb! Surpassed all expectations. The captains visited every table, filet was tender and our guests raved about the appetizers!! You were extremely accommodating and patient with a perfectionist bride.

You went over and above on the weeks leading up to the event. Coordinating with vendors, accommodating my strange request like fireplace measurements and making sure I had those pesky energy drinks.  Your vendor recommendations made the day exceptional! Diane Gaudett did an exceptional job with the flowers (beyond anything I could have imagined!) Monica (Monet Baking) created custom gourmet candy for the candy bar with custom stickers and color scheme – not to mention an outrageous cake!!! and Paul (James Daniel) rocked the dance floor, provided the photo booth and back-lighting to make it an unforgettable night! What a super special day!! We had rave reviews and for a room packed with lawyers you should be pleased and take a bow as they are not the easiest crowd to please. Job well done!!

James & Jasiel

Wedding: June 2017

Fred & Terri Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

Terri and I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your wonderful staff for making our wedding last Saturday at the Tarrywile Mansion in Danbury fantastic. From initially meeting you until the time the staff packed up, everything was done in a thoughtful, professional manner. Each and every one of your crew were efficient, good-natured and excellent at what they did. Our guests are still complimenting us on the venue, service and, especially, the food. If you look at our Facebook pages, you’ll see that all were impressed. So were we.

It takes a lot of thought, time and effort to put one of these parties together and execute it properly. You completely delivered.

We thank you form making our special day spectacular.


Fred & Terri Wittner

Wedding: June 2017

Amy & Brian Wedding 2016

Hi Chris,

I cannot believe it has been almost 6 months since our wedding. I am sorry it has taken so long to let you know our thoughts on the day, so here goes…

You ALL were simply amazing! From the very first day we met you we knew we made the right decision. I remember driving home feeling so confident in our decision to go with you. We knew right away that you were going to be way more than just our caterer…in our eyes you were our complete wedding coordinator. Every step along the way was so easy. You led us in the right direction with everything! The DJ was fabulous. Diane Gaudette as the florist could not have  been any more perfect. She was out of this world! She was more than willing to work with my less than gigantic budget and you would have thought we spent a million bucks! I couldn’t have dreamed of more!

As for the actual wedding day. I don’t even know where to begin. Your staff was fabulous. They were always there but never in our way. Erica was the best. I didn’t need to ask for a single thing…she was always there with whatever I needed. What I remember most as I went about my day was that everyone was smiling. Erica beamed when she walked into the brides room…she was sharing in our joy. This is her job and you can tell she was enjoying herself. All night long your staff smiled and that was not lost on me!! The food!!! The appetizers were amazing…every single one of them. You handled some serious, life threatening allergies with such ease and I cannot thank you enough for that. As far as the dinners…people are still talking about the filet!

I am sure I am missing something but I just want you to know that YOU made our day absolutely perfect. I wish I could do it all over again. Thank you for taking such great care of us every step of the way. We miss you and hope to see you soon!

Much Love,

Amy and Brian Belanger

Wedding: December 2016

Jessica & Luis Wedding 2017

Chris and his team are the best at what they do! We had our May wedding at Tarrywile Mansion with 90 guests for passed appetizers and a seated dinner. The timing and planning was executed smoothly and the food! Everyone had not a bad thing to say about the food. It was fresh, delicious, and beautifully presented. From first bite to last it was some of the best bites of food I ever had. His captains were attentive and the bridal party never felt left out as we were doing pictures during cocktail hour. We had servers and captains bringing us appetizers and drinks outside on the Mansion grounds. Chris met with us 3 times before our big day and was very communicative via emails and calls.

Jessica & Conan Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

Jessica and I would like to thank you and your entire team so very much for coordinating the perfect wedding this Memorial Day weekend at Candlelight Farms. All of our guests had an unbelievable time and each segment of the wedding was flawlessly executed, form the ceremony to conclusion of the evening with the last song. The entire staff was courteous and professional, accommodating and personable, prepared and available. Everyone knew what to do and when to do it.

The wedding vendors you had recommended to us were all on point, especially the florist, photographers, party/tent setup, and music. I would highly recommend each and every one of the vendors at our wedding. The food was phenomenal and we received many compliments from our diverse group of guests; please pass along our compliments to the chefs as well as the kitchen and wait staff.

Thank you for working closely with us throughout the year to orchestrate this wonderful event. You listened to our requests and made it all happen better than we could have hoped for. You also knew when it was time to plan for each aspect of the wedding, and it never felt rushed. Most importantly, we had complete confidence in your experience and expertise to handle any situation and to take care of our interests first above all else. It was important to us that you had a good working relationship with other vendors, and the proof was in the results: a seamless and unforgettable evening.

I would highly recommend your services to any of my friends and family, some of whom had asked me to pass along your contact information on the wedding day. Thank you again Chris and we wish you and your team the best of luck.

Yours truly,

Conan Ju

Wedding: 5/2017

Molly & TJ Wedding 2017

Hi Chris,

Who can sleep after a night like that! Molly and TJ’s wedding at the Waveny Mansion was absolutely a dream come true for Molly and all of us. It could not have been any better and the accolades go to you and your staff to give us such a wonderful night.  Your staff was there to help in every way. I know for a fact that our family and friends reached out to your staff with their sincere compliments because each and everyone of them had a smile on their face as they catered to all of us by serving us the best appetizers, salad, and dinner. All the guests told us the food was so delicious! We think so too! We were so happy with the set up and felt so fortunate to have Diane do the flowers – your top recommendation! She’s the BEST! You were so right! But I do have to emphasize how much we appreciated the attentiveness from your staff to each and everyone at the wedding and reception. They seemed to always be there when someone needed help. Also, their attention to detail was fantastic…from setting up the tables, making sure the extras were in place, and afterwards, they made sure to help gather all our “stuff” for ready to load up and depart. I so appreciated you coming in and greeting us and making sure all was going well. Fabulous night! Thank you so very much. You were so right in making sure to relieve our stresses and saying not to worry because of your confidence in your exceptional staff.

I can’t believe it’s over after planning for a year but the memories will last forever!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

All the best to you and your staff,


Wedding: 5/2017

Djoana & Brian Wedding 2017

Hello Chris!

Well all of the family has finally flown out and so I can now thank you for creating the perfect wedding for Djoana and Brian.

Of course the food was outrageously delicious, I cannot tell you how many of our guests were raving both during and for days afterwards. I shared with them the ingenious way you do a tasting and they all agreed it is brilliant. The presentation of everything was beautiful and there was not a single thing that was not absolutely perfect.

Your team worked so well together that not a single guest needed or wanted for anything. Most importantly both Djoana and Brian told me afterwards that someone was always with them insuring they had a beverage and plenty of appetizers to choose from. So often the Bride and Groom wind up not getting to eat a thing, but they did not miss any of it as they mingled with guests and had some additional pictures taken after the ceremony. You said your captains would always be handy for any assistance we might need and they absolutely were. Erica and Katherine were absolute dolls and I never once looked up where I did not see one of them smiling back and asking “What do you need?” Once the pictures were taken and we were lined up for our walk down the aisle in the walled garden, I never had to think about another thing – it all went so smoothly that all I had left to do was dance the day away.

One thing I have to share with you Chris that most people don’t consider but that you have down in spades, is the coordination of vendors. A few times, people recommended other vendors than the ones on your suggested list and we gave them a call as well. Without fail, every single time, your vendors were the first to call back. They were the most informed, the most interested in what kind of experience we were looking for (versus what our budget was), the most engaged and when they heard we were working with you each one told us not to worry, that it would all go exactly to plan – and it did. What we feared would be difficult and time consuming became a single call. Even when we lost our officiant five weeks before the wedding, you gave us a name and our search was over. We had messages out to five other people and we were in a panic; we should have called you first!! We called David Smith and were done. Everyone you gave us turned out to be professional, kind and caring and because they work with you o often, once engaged, we didn’t have to give them another thought, they all coordinated with you and your team and we were left worry free.

From start to finish Chris, you insured this day was all about Djoana and Brian. About what they envisioned, about giving them choices and finally about what they experienced. Thank you for giving every one of us a perfect memory of this most important day.

With sincere thanks to you and your entire team.

Clair Miller

Wedding 5/2017

Rachel & Dov Wedding 2017

Dear Chris,

Our family cannot thank you and all your staff enough for your uncanny ability to make lemonade when life hands you lemons! Rachel and Dov’s wedding this past Saturday, May 13, 2017 was a disaster as far as the weather was concerned. We spend all day looking out of the window wondering how we were going to pull this off!

Rachel wanted so much to have and the outdoor ceremony we had planned for the past year and a half. Your staff made that happen, and just took in stride, calming all of us in the process.

So many of my guests commented on how delicious the food was, and how your wait staff was so very attentive. and compensated for and solved those situations that didn’t.

We were so very pleased with your confidence, professionalism, how your staff went beyond the call of duty, and the outcome of a wedding that wasn’t going to go as planned because of the weather. The Waveny is a beautiful setting even when an outdoor wedding is not in the cards!

I can’t say thank you enough times. Please let your staff know that they were well appreciated. You can always count on us for a recommendation, and I will be posting the above letter on The Wedding Wire as well.

Sharon Axelrod

Wedding: 5/2017

John & Kerri Wedding 2017


First and foremost, a big thank you for delivering exactly what you promised. John and Kerri’s wedding was as exciting and successful as any father of the bride could ever hope for!

You told us not to worry, that your people were professionals and that they had everything under control, whether that was in the kitchen, at the bar, among the guests, or where ever they were needed. You were right, I never once had to think about our guests – you and your team did that for us and relieved us of any stress the day of the wedding! Your preparation, professionalism and outstanding team did it all and allowed Margie and I to enjoy the day with our family, friends and, of course the new couple.

Your hors d’oeuvres were delicious, served perfectly and started the reception off with a bang. Guests started talking immediately about how good they were and set expectations quite high for the dinner.

The fillets of beef were cooked perfectly, not overdone and dried like at most weddings. The Chilean sea bass and the mango chutney sauce were what I would expect at a fine NY restaurant. Kudos to you for delivering the quality we hoped for at the finest restaurant.

Our guests were universally highly complimentary of both the food and the service. We have received emails, letters, phone calls and text – all asking how you were able to pull off such outstanding food.

Your willingness to take care of the bar arrangements relieved me of another task that was much appreciated.

I know you are a professional, one of the best at what you do, but it is still hard for me to believe that you were able to deliver exactly what you promised at what I felt was a more than reasonable price. I really appreciated your frankness on where we should spend money and where we should save. You were right on the mark with each decision you helped us with. I can’t say enough about you and your team.

Please feel free to have any of your potential customers contact Margie or me to discuss our experience. I know if they choose Carriage House they will not be disappointed.

All the best,

Marty Doran

Wedding: 5/2017

Steven & Virginia Wedding 2016

Hi Chris,

Hope you’re doing well!

Sorry for the late response – with our honeymoon & Christmas shopping, we’ve been so busy. Thank you and your staff for such a lovely day! The food was fantastic and the wedding came together beautifully.

We greatly appreciate all of your help, support and guidance during the chaos. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


Steven & Virginia

November 2016 Wedding


Venue: Tarrywile Park and Mansion

Music: James Daniel Music and Entertainment

Photography: Anne Gattilia; Elegant Edge Photography

Rentals: All Season Tent and Party Rentals

Brandon & Catherine Wedding 2016

Hey Chris,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It’s been a crazy few weeks. We wanted to thank you and your staff for a great wedding, everything turned out perfect. Our family’s had a great time. We all loved the food, the drinks and your staff. From the initial planning to the day of, it was such a smooth process. Thanks for all your help. We are so happy we chose your company.

Happy New Year!

Cat & Brandon

12/2017 Wedding


Venue: Tarrywile Park & Mansion

Photographer: Keane Eye Photography

Music: James Daniel Entertainment

Flowers: Diane Gaudett Custom Floral Design

Cake: Monet Baking Company

Rentals: All Season Tent and Party Rentals

Gerry & Kevin MOB 2016


The entire day was more than we ever could have imagines. It was perfect! The mansion looked beautiful, the Christmas setting was so beautiful and, YES, your staff was fabulous. We loved Erika, we are so appreciative of all your efforts in giving us an unforgettable Wedding Day.

Can’t wait to share photo’s with you and see you again at First Night!

Merry Christmas!

***I sure wish I had another shot at those appetizers 🙂


Gerry and Kevin

Parents of the bride; Amy & Gary

12/10/16 wedding

Amy & Gary Wedding 2016


I don’t even have the words to say how amazing yesterday was! I will write more later but just wanted you to know that it was just perfect in every single way. Everyone raved about the food…your staff and we danced the night away. Now to relax!

Chat soon,


12/10/16 Wedding


Venue: Tarrywile Park & Mansion

Photography: Rene Villanueva & Carlos Lemos

Cake: Monet Baking Company

Flowers: Diane Gaudett Custom Floral Design

Music: James Daniel Entertainment

Rentals: All Season Tent and Party Rentals

Lauren & Tommy Wedding 2016

Testimonial from the Mother of the Bride; Marybeth Vandergrift


It’s been over 2 weeks since the wedding and I am writing to tell you that everyone we’ve seen and spoken with since, has done nothing but given rave reviews to the evening. We have received countless emails, texts and even thank you notes for the wonderful event. All notes shared a common theme of BEST WEDDING EVER, or INCREDIBLE EVENT!

The attention to detail from you, your captains and crew was beyond compare. It took a simple glance to get someone’s attention, and whatever the request, small or large, was handled instantaneously and without fanfare.

The cocktail hour was a huge hit, and many guests are still asking the names of the delicious appetizers that were served hot an a rather chilly evening.

The dinner was amazing. Your crew managed to serve nearly 200 guests within record time. The plates were stunning and beyond delicious. And every single vegan request was handled beautifully. Delicious!

Without going into a lot of detail, the countless liquor runs were also appreciated.

Your name and information has been requested over and over, and I hope we will see you at future events of our friends.

Thank you Chris, you are a peach and I loved working with you even when you got tough. I can’t tell you how much I depended of the fact that you had this under control all along the way. I would, and do recommend you to anyone who asks.

Take care and thank you again. Carriage House Catering rocks!

Warm Regards,

Marybeth Vandergrift (Mother of the Bride)

Xiowen & & Bin Wedding 2016

Hello Chris,

I have to tell you that I am still immersed in the wonderful memory of my wedding day until now. I do not know where to start when I think back of the first meeting between us, since there are so many unforgettable moments. We would like to thank you and your entire team for all you have done!

All our guests said the food was awesome, especially the cocktail hour bistro table! Everything looks great; they were hod and delicious. And I was really impressed by the service. My bridal party and I could get everything in the bride’s room without walking!! During the lunch, everything was organized and we did not have to worry about guests wandering around getting food.

…So thanks again  for understanding and accommodation. What you and your staff have done is an inseparable part of our wedding memory.  What you and your staff have done is an inseparable part of our wedding memory.


Xiaowen & Bin

10/2/16 wedding

Linda & Gary Wedding 2016

Dear Chris and Carriage House Staff,

Thank you so much for your help with our reception on Saturday, November 12th. I don’t think I can come up with the correct words to express my gratitude with how everything went.  Thank you and your staff for meeting and exceeding the table placements. Everything worked out with the seating. I was so pleased!!!

…I am so sorry for all the stuff that happened before the wedding ceremony and reception. I have last minute family crazies and I didn’t even think of the wines… You were so calm and collected, you told us you’ve seen so many things, don’t worry about it. When my family arrived carrying the wines and when our koumbari arrived with the party favors, you were able to just take everything and no guests were any wiser. The placement of everything was spot on with the alcohol and the party favors. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!

…I can’t imagine working with anyone else but your company with anything I choose to do in the future.

…I loved your Captains and your wait staff. They were so attentive with Gary and me, but also with our guests.

…they were just so on top of coordinating with parents, DJ, getting us more liquor, they were just so easy to work with. I loved how everything was decorated. The centerpieces and linens worked so well. The flower spread your wife worked on around the bistro table turned our LOVELY! I could not be happier with how the design turned out.

Let’s talk about the food. Till this day, EVERYONE have been praising us about the appetizers and the steak and paella…The tuna mac and cheese were my favorite appetizers…Your chefs did an amazing job with the food… One of the BEST paella ever!… A lot of the guests loved the flank steak, it was so juicy and moist…this was done perfectly!

…I really can’t thank you and your staff enough for a splendid day.

…It was a pleasure to work with you and your team, Chris. Thank you so much for such a lovely day!



11/12/16 Wedding

Stacey & Henry Wedding 2016

Chris (A.K.A. Sir, Mr. Angione, The BOSS, the Man, Mr. I ain’t messin’ with him, etc) haha!

I have typed, erased, re-typed, and re-erased this email probably 10 times now trying to find the right words to express our gratitude for you, your crew and what you pulled off for our wedding (the most amazing wedding ever!!). Now that we are home from the honeymoon and finally unwinding from it all (kind of…because everyone keeps talking about the wedding and the food and the venue). I can finally sit and type this out…

First of all, I am so thankful that Daniela and Barry sent us in your direction when we began planning our special day. If that didn’t happen, I know our day would not have been so perfect and memorable. After our first meeting, Henry and I agreed that you were hot shit, and had to be a part of our wedding. You were a no nonsense, zero BS kind of guy that we felt !00% confident having as our caterer/wedding planner (the fact that you are Italian helped as well LOL!!!) I laugh thinking about the day I told you I wanted to hire a wedding planner and I believe your were, “You better not get a damn wedding planner! That’s what I’m for!” You weren’t kidding. I had no idea what I was doing, or what we needed to get done when, or where to go or who to hire…BUT you did. You directed us to all the right people, and all of you together helped to make our day absolutely AMAZING AND PERFECT!!! I love each and every one of you so much, and feel I can never really say how appreciative I am to have had the pleasure of meeting and working with all of you.

There was many emails, phone calls, meetings, and events leading up to the big day that went by faster than Earnhardt Jr at the Daytona 500!!! You told me it would come up fast and go by even faster that day…boy were you right. I just hope I didn’t drive you or anyone else (Nancy, Diane, Sarah, Paul) too nuts leading up to the wedding. You were always a breath of fresh air when I was getting nervous or questioning a decision, and I can’t thank you enough for that. You were always accommodating and understanding, and able to calm my nerves and lend advice. I knew if I had a problem or concern, you would solve it and figure it out without issue. I called Diane my “wedding mom” and you were definitely like my “wedding dad”, there to kick me in the butt when needed, lend an ear, give advice, problem solve, and make sure that I was staying on task and on schedule so that this day all came together. Thank you so much for all you did leading up to our wedding day.

Now to try to properly and correctly thank you for all you did the weekend of the wedding. Just like a father would, you stopped by the farm the night before to make sure we were OK, settling into the Inn, and didn’t need anything to relax. Thank you for checking on us, and making sure my girls and I were good (which we were…we felt like queens).

I think every bride prays and hopes and wishes that it will not rain on their wedding day. I did. O hell yes I did…rosary beads hanging in my window on the eve of the wedding and all. It wasn’t supposted to really rain…what did they say? 30% chance of rain after like 7 pm or so? Which would have been completely fine: the ceremony and cocktail hour would have been done, and we would have been under the tent drinking and eating and dancing. HAHA!!! The Gods were not with us and it rained. I think everyone else was stressing about it more than I was!!! I was cool as a cucumber all day…even when the rain started. What were we going to do? We can’t control the weather, and God didn’t want to hear us that weekend. I don’t know how you and your crew did it. I have no idea how you got everything for the ceremony under the tent (dried as well), and so quickly, effortlessly (or so it seemed to all of us onlookers), and flawlessly so that our wedding could take place and be absolutely perfect and beautiful. I am still smiling about that day and the ceremony. It was gorgeous and perfect Chris, thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. After the ceremony we left to the side house to formals, and to my amazement the tent was perfectly set up for the reception and all of our guests were happy and having a wonderful time.

OH AND THE FOOD!!! We and our guests are still RAVING about how great the food was!!! I am so glad I listened to you and did the stations…it was the best thing to do for the amount of people we had. Everything from the paella, the steak, the pasta, the pork, and that salad were all delicious!!!!! I can’t say enough how happy we are with the food and the service. I am so thankful Kristen took me around to get food and made me sit and eat, because it was incredible. I am also so thankful for Chris taking such good care of our “baby” Gino! Kris and Chris were just great, as well as the rest of the crew (and big thanks to Erica for staying on top of certain people and making sure they had a wonderful time and no complaints).

We may have had rain and a late guest bus, but it didn’t matter, because you and your captains and chefs and crew made our day wonderfully perfect and flawless. We were and still are so happy with every single thing that day. Even the rain!!! Our favorite picture is of us under the umbrella…which never would have happened if it didn’t rain 🙂 Our wedding was the best day of our life, and we (us, our family and friends) will talk about it forever. Thank you for taking on our wedding and working with us to make it so awesome. Daniella and Barry were right…you truly are the best and you knew all the best people. Thank you for introducing us to Diane, Sarah, Pauly and Nancy. Without this crew, our wedding would have been mediocre and forgettable. I am not a traditional, wedding banquet, bouquet throwing kind of girl and nothing about you and your crew or what you guys can accomplish is even the the dame category of ordinary or banquet worthy. You guys are above and beyond talented.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a million.

I hope to see and talk to you soon. We are in for Jan. for sure!!! As well as dinner or drinks in December or so 🙂

We miss you already!!! LOL

And We Love much!!!

Stacey & Henry

2016 Wedding at Candlelight Farms in New Milford, CT

Vendors: Keane Eye Photography, Custom Floral Designs by Diane Gaudett, James Daniel Entertainment, All Season Party Rentals

Lisa “Mother of the Bride” Wedding 2016

As the mother of the bride I can say that everything exceed our expectations…the venue was lovely and Chris and his staff at Carriage House were AMAZING…the food was outrageous, the service impeccable and the fact that everyone is still raving about speaks volumes to Chris and his staff…we have such wonderful memories of such an important day…thanks to all!


Mother of the Bride

Megan & Mark Wedding 2016


I don’t know where to start to begin to express Mark and my appreciation for the unbelievable “dream come true” wedding you coordinated for us on Saturday. We had the BEST time, and everything went so smoothly. We never doubted you, but we are absolutely blown away by the level of professionalism your entire staff displayed. We were waited on every minute of our night, we only had to do so much as turn around and to find a staff waiting nearby to help us with anything we deeded. The food was out of this world, everyone complimented the appetizer selection and their dinner. Thank you for making the Chicken Scarpiello, it was phenomenal. Don’t tell my mom but I liked it more than hers!! We had so many comments that it was one of the best weddings (if not the best) they had been to. Please express our appreciation to your excellent staff, they were friendly, helpful, and the most polite people.

All in all, our wedding was everything we wanted. We could not have pulled off that day without you, and your recommended vendors (both Pauly and Erica rocked their rolls too). Sending so much love to all of you!

Please feel free to use us as a reference for potential clients. Chris, we have nothing bad to say anything you or your staff did that day. It was a dream. We missed you when you left but we hope you have an incredible and relaxing time off on vacation.

I also wanted to send a little extra note to apologize for the scene some of our guests caused at the end. After last song was played three of our very intoxicated guests caused some trouble outside requiring the presence of New Canaan Pd and two ambulances. It didn’t ruin our day however, because of one of your staff in particular remained extremely calm, and held back an intoxicated wife as her intoxicated husband was handcuffed, put on a stretcher and taken away. One of the waiters, Chris, held her back and calmly reassured us he had it covered and worked with the police to have her taken care of. Who knows the additional damage she would have caused if she was not held pack. By the time this was straightened out everything inside was cleaned up and taken care of. Please also express our gratitude to him for handling the situation in the most professional way possible. Nonetheless, she called me mortified the next morning for her behavior, and had no recollection of what happened.

Have a great vacation, we are in Florida for a few weeks but would be happy to talk to you about the evening. It was the best day of our lives.

Megan & Mark

2016 Wedding at Waveny House in New Canaan CT

Vendors: Keane Eye Photography, James Daniel Entertainment, Monet Baking Company,

Deanna & Joe Wedding 2016

Hi Chris,

Almost 3 weeks later and we still have not come down from cloud nine. WOW. Just wow. I cannot tell you how many guests contacted us countless times about what a truly spectacular night it was, the big day can feel a little scary with all of the planning and coordinating that goes along with it. Luckily for me, I had some of the best at my side! Every meeting leading up to the wedding put all of our worries at ease. I could never have imagined the day would turn out to be so perfect. You all truly made the impossible possible for us. All we were in charge of that night was having a blast and loving every second of our day – and that is exactly what we did! Thank you, thank you. Please tell the staff as well how grateful we are for all their hard work.

With love and appreciation,

Deanna & Joe

Wedding @Waveny 2016

Amanda Brosky Wedding 2015

Hi Chris,

Great to hear from you. Yes, we couldn’t have had a better day, and you and your team were a big part of the reason we were able to enjoy ourselves. Logistically, I know that you had to take care of some snafus behind the scenes, and I appreciate all of your effort! To not have that burden on me or my family was huge. Also you clearly did a good job, because everything looked perfect to me :0) We also really enjoyed the food. I couldn’t get over the beef in particular – I think it’s the first time I’ve had a beef entrée’ at a wedding and it wasn’t overcooked! But many guests have commented about how good the apps were in particular. So, well done all around!

Glad to hear that Jim was happy with everything…I’m not surprised, you guys did a great job :0)

I appreciate your patience throughout the process (I didn’t make things any easier by sending the pertinent info at the very last-minute!) Thank you again for all of your (and your team’s) hard work!!



Wedding: 2015

Chiara Wedding 2015


What can I say other than thank you x infinity? You truly made the night magical. Of course the venue speaks for itself, but having the food and staff made the night extra special. People were so impressed by the Paella. And everyone loved the lemonade stand. It was beautiful, elegant and so professional. I really can’t thank you enough for such a great job and for working with our budget. I won’t hesitate to recommend you in a heartbeat. One of my bridesmaids just got engaged on Friday!

All the best and sincerest gratitude,


Wedding: 2015

Karen & Mike Wedding 2016


I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the way everything came together this past weekend. We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. Everything ran smoothly, allowing for Mike and I to take in every second of our special day. Our guests expressed that they have never been to such a well-organized wedding and felt as though their every need was attended to. The food exceeded all of our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with you all, many thanks from our families.


Karen & Mike

Wedding: The Palace Theater in Waterbury

July 2016

Jed & Adrienne Wedding 2015

Hey Chris,

Jed and I just got back from our Honeymoon and before it got too far gone we wanted to make sure we extended our huge gratitude to you and your staff!

I wouldn’t say that we had many crazy requests, but we had a few out of the box ideas (shotski, walnut cards, etc.) and we want to thank you for making all of them go off without a hitch. Jed’s family was so moved by the escort cards (many of them were brought to tears) – the photos that Erica took of them are magical! You saw the shotski first hand and the power it has on fun – so also, thank you!

I also have to say that your staff was INCREDIBLE! I was never without – every time I needed something I didn’t even have to look for someone – there was literally someone next to me to change my shoes and one of your girls literally took my current shoes off and ran to get the others! They knew what I wanted before I wanted – haha! My dad was quite impressed with them as well, he said every time he had an empty drink there was someone hear him with a new one or whatever he wanted!

The private dinner was awesome and gave Jed and I some alone time as well as the opportunity to actually eat the delicious food – let me tell you – the shrimp was my FAVORITE – the ginger sauce was perfection – really all the food was amazing!

I want to say as well that every person/outfit you recommended from photography to DJ to baker were perfection as well. It was lovely to have such great people to work with who saw our vision and made it all come together. I was nervous about doing an “a la carte” wedding at first, but because of you and the professionals you surround yourself with it was all so easy and everything was elegant and gorgeous!

Everyone I have spoken to post the wedding said that they did not notice a single thing wrong with the day and neither did we! Jed’s parents, my parents and everyone else were so pleased with the entire day and celebration. I could go on writing forever, but I won’t – your time is precious.

Listen, just thank you, thank you, thank you so much for making the day everything we could have asked for and more.

All the Best,

Adrienne & Jed

Wedding: 2015


Kelsey & Faizan Wedding 2016


Our wedding was ABSOLUTELY perfect – and I can’t thank you enough 🙂 Literally a dream come true. So much better than I imagines. Everything fell into place, I felt completely at ease and had no worries that day. I can’t thank you and your staff enough – they were all so professional and kind. You have found a great group to work for you! I wish I could do it all again :0 Thank you again!


Wedding: 1/2/161

Dave & Veveenie Wedding 2016

Hey Chris,

When we first met we were very impressed with you and what your staff had to offer, you put us at ease during the stress of planning a wedding and made it easy for us throughout the process. Upon our day arriving both of us had and idea of what to expect because you assured us everything was set and we had no worries. On that note you didn’t meet our expectations it was hard for us to believe you and your staff exceeded that. The decision to move everything outside was brilliant, the staff was off the charts and saying the food was excellent would be an understatement. Everyone who came raved about the food, setting and your staff. We are sure everyone says they had the best wedding day but ours was truly AMAZING, thanks to you we were still on cloud nine. Our guests were sincerely saying it was the best wedding they had ever attended and we both owe this to you. We can’t thank you enough for this eternal memory.

P.S. our friends who had the pleasure to participate in this amazing day wanted to know if we can do it again next year because you are that great.

Thank you,

Dave and Veveeine Smith

Wedding: 6/25/2016

David & Diana Wedding 2016

Dear Chris,

Right from the start, we were intrigued not only by the delicious creations we were served at our private tasting, but also by your bravado, as well as candidness – the way you would share with us the inner workings of weddings, i.e. where your other companies cut corners for their own benefits, but also the places where we could cut corners in order to keep our costs down. We appreciated your confident, no-nonsense attitude from day 1 and felt like we could trust Carriage House very early on. Then in the weeks leading up to the day, communicating with all of the vendors for us was extremely useful, and really took that burden off our plate.

Now that it is all said and done, we can say with confidence: thank you, thank you, thank you for what turned out to be the happiest day of our lives. After slaving over so many details, we trusted you to take care of the day of happenings – and you did not disappoint, as we didn’t have to worry about anything at all!! Your team wrangled the wedding party before the ceremony, had your excellent captains (Chris and Erica) wait on us hand and foot – it was such a treat to be handed our favorite beer in the field during the pictures – and made sure that the events of the night (of which there were many) were cued up. It was so nice to just sit back and relax, enjoy our family and friends, and laugh through all the hilarities of the evening. . You should also know that pretty much everyone we’ve spoken to talks about the food, and many say it was the best wedding food they ever had!

Nowadays, it just seems so rare that you get what you paid for, that all the promises come true – well, Chris and Carriage house delivered big time – and I mean, honestly, for all that you gave us – we truly believe you were the greatest value and asset of our day.

Thank you Chris and Captains Chris and Erica, and everyone at Carriage House Caterers!


D&D (Dave & Diana)

Ron & Luanne Wedding 2016

Submitted to “The New Canaanite” by the Bride & Groom

No Wedding reception would be complete without a skilled catering house. We were fortunate to work with Christopher Angione at Carriage House Events and Catering. Christopher, his captains Kristin, Catherine, Erika and Chris, their team of chefs, wait staff, bartenders and rental affiliations were beyond professional and a pleasure to work with. Christopher took our ideas and created the desired event, ambiance and menu. As for the food, it was outstanding and plentiful!

If you are planning an event, we highly recommend Carriage House Events and Catering!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

With much appreciation

Ron & Luanne Balzano

Wedding: 7/9/16

Isabelle & Burkett Wedding 2016

Burkett & I are on our way to the honeymoon and wanted to make sure you send a note to forward to Chris and Erica, our amazing captains during our wedding last night at the Wavney House.

We were waited on from the moment we arrived for first look pictures right through the very end of the reception.

Sadly just as the dinner stations opened it started to rain. Chris was running cocktail tables inside and setting up makeshift seating indoors on the fly. When the rain stopped and we wanted to continue dancing outside Chris quickly problem solved a way to dry off the patio so people wouldn’t slip. They used a squeegee and a leaf blower to clean a dance floor and the party was saved.

Later Chris and Erica brought out our paper lanterns and a lighter just as the sun was setting. We had a magical moment watching the lanterns fly through the night sky made even more special by not having to think about the logistics of the lanterns because it was all taken care of!!

The food was great but second to the quality of service we received. We are so grateful and appreciative for the entire staff.

Thank you!!!

Isabelle & Burkett Farquhar

Wedding: 7/10/16

Jeff & Courtney Wedding 2016


We couldn’t begin to express to you and your entire staff our gratitude for everything you did for Jeff and I for our wedding. Carriage House exceeded our expectations in the biggest way and we felt you all were the glue that held the entire day together.

You were always available to answer every question, every call and email that I had. Most importantly, the last two weeks, to make everything okay when I was having a moment! 🙂 You always had me feeling like I was your only client. It really says a lot about your character and integrity as a business owner. The teams attention to detail was like no other! The captains were at Jeff and I’s side all day but never overbearing. They were fantastic and obvious assets to CHC!

We hand countless raves about the food all night and the morning after! Everyone saying how it wasn’t the normal “wedding food” and that it was all delicious!!

Thank you again, we will forever be grateful to you and your team at Carriage House!


Jeff and Courtney Zimmerman

6/18/2016 wedding

Kathryn & Gary Wedding 2016

Chris…Where oh where to begin? Now, after the fact, I feel like I’m missing a limb. There’s such a trust and friendship that grows in working with you…I feel a bit sad that we have no more reasons to just pick up the phone, always be able to reach you, have every question or problem answered with a “yes”…”No problem”. Our guests were blown away. ‘I’ve never had such good food at a wedding”. From the most delicious apps which were offered nonstop by attractive, helpful, friendly, smiling staff who felt like family…To well organized, beautifully presented and delicious selection of food at the carving stations.

Gary and I were sooo spoiled. Anything we needed anything we wanted…Wow…Wish life was always like this. Our captains Erica and Catherine were so calm, very attractive inside and out, absolutely outstanding! as were all of your crew, with a special mention for the fellow who offered me an arm to lean on in more ways than one.

Everything you hear about CCH Catering, no matter how good, isn’t enough! We love you guys and hope we get the chance to see you all again.

There’s no one better…No doubt in our minds.

All the best Chris, Please pass on our thanks and felicitations to everybody (not forgetting the behind the scene folks too)

Hope we’ll see you around

Kathryn & Gary Stranko

6/11/2016 wedding

Dana & Erik Wedding 2016

Hi Chris,

We also wanted to thank you and everyone at Carriage House Events and Catering for everything. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to choose you for our wedding – we received so many compliments from our guests saying it was the nicest wedding they’d ever been to.

Every time we went in for a meeting with you to plan for our wedding we left significantly less stressed and worried about the event, convinced it was in excellent hands with Carriage House Events and Catering.

We heard from so many married couples that you don’t get to eat on your own wedding day, but your team proved them wrong and more. On the day of the event you and your team exhibited not just professionalism but perfectionism. Every detail was thought of in advance, from drinks and snacks in the changing rooms to the ceremony and attentive detail during the reception. We also can’t stress how much we appreciate that your preferred vendors are such perfect collaborators. I can say without hyperbole that Erica Keane of Keane Eye Photography and Paul from James Daniel Entertainment, combined with the Carriage House Events and Catering, really are the Dream Team and we couldn’t be happier with how everything went on our big day. Our many thanks to everyone for making our wedding seem like a beautiful dream, one that ended far too soon but which we will never forget.

Thanks again,

Dana and Erik Oster

05/14/2016 wedding

Photography: Keane Eye Photography

Entertainment: James Daniel Entertainment

Cake: Monet Baking Company

Flowers: Diane Gaudett Custom Floral Design

Rentals: All Season Party Rental

Sebastian & Laura Wedding 2016

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the help planning and CREATING a perfect wedding reception.

The Gatsby/Downton Abbey ambiance we envisioned together was beautifully achieved!

My friends want to hire you!

And my two other children, my nieces and nephews want me to repeat the whole venue with Carriage House Catering for their weddings one day.

The hors d’oeuvre were delicious. The paella was a festive unique treat. Your meats and sides were great suggestions.

The strawberry short-cake by Monet Baking Company was a treat too. Rental items-truly gorgeous.

The Captains Chris and Catherine were thoughtful and hardworking-their friendly, calm demeanor set the scene (since the church wedding service ended ahead of time). But amazingly you all carried on calmly without complaining. I’m sorry your staff did not have time for a proper dinner due to this.

And miraculously you kept our wedding event’s schedule-first dance, and dinner and cake cutting and throwing the bouquet at a very nice pace.

Since everyone had a great time, and danced til the cows came home we know our guests had a GREAT time.

Best of all is getting a note from the newlyweds on Sunday night saying:

Hi Mom and Dad,

Sebastian and I just spent the whole dinner here in New York talking about how much we enjoyed the wedding and the entire weekend. Words really can’t express how grateful and loved we feel. Thank you for throwing the wedding of the century. Kate Middleton just called me to relinquish her crown.

Laura and Seb.

Thanks in Advance – Wedding 2016


Had to email – all I can say is I will recommend Carriage House to one and all. Your group, so polite and helpful and with an impressive “can do attitude” creates a feeling of wonderful, happy anticipation for the wedding day!

A far cry from complaints of STRESS that I hear from most mothers of the bride.

Of all the aspects of planning – you and your group’s teamwork have been the BEST aspect of all I have dealt with over the past year – far and away.

I am so excited for Saturday! It has been a true pleasure working with you. A god-send meeting you a year ago when Peter and I scoped out Waveny’s spring landscape. I thank the Lord we found you to make the magic happen on April 23rd!

with appreciation,


Daughter’s wedding 04/2016

Kip & Yajaira Wedding 2015


From the moment we called you in Sept 2014, you were always accessible. That is essential in wedding planning and a true sense of customer service that we did not receive elsewhere in our search to find the best caterer for our wedding. We were very happy with our choice in Carriage House Catering. Since we met in person three times prior to our big day, it was a sense of relief in seeing your familiar face when you came out to greet us at Waveny House on our wedding day. We both breathed easy because ‘Chris is here and he’s got this!’.

Our ceremony was onsite so I received many compliments from the guests saying they were greeted with refreshments and friendly faces. I’ve attached the most genuine, wonderful photo of one of your team members, sharply dressed, helping me down the stairs to start the ceremony.

The food was tremendous! our passed hors’ devours were a huge hit. The citrus salad and paella were so unique and scrumptious (I still need to get your secret to the citrus salad!) that I think it will be remembered for a long time. Attached are two photo’s of the food that were beautifully presented – they made for the perfect pictures!

All and all, on the day of our wedding we did not have one thing to worry about. Our DJ, Paully, from James Daniel Music and our photographer, Mikkel Paige, coordinated perfectly with your team for a flawless execution! This gave us ample opportunity to dance the night away, which we fully took advantage of. For all of that, we thank you for fulfilling your promise to make our wedding day an incredible one.

We hope to see you again soon!


Kipp & Yajaira

Photography: Mikkel Page Photography

Music and Entertainment:  James Daniel Entertainment

Alicia & Brian Wedding 2015


Brian and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting together the most gorgeous, picture-perfect wedding we could ever imaging! From the beginning stages of planning all the way to our actual wedding day you were always an email or phone call away and always willing to meet in person at a convenient time for us. A few weeks before the wedding we requested and extension to the reception and you had no problem rearranging the times. Also, you came in early to let the girls get their hair and make-up done. That truly shows you care! You definitely set high expectations for your crew and they sure did deliver! Each and every staff member went above and beyond. All of the guests were amazed by the attentiveness of your staff as well as the deliciousness of the food.

Sherry and Kim were superb! We told them in 5 minutes where we wanted our decorations to be placed and everything was exactly the way we had imagines. They provided us with the perfect amount of attention without being intrusive. It is obvious they love what they do!

Overall, we knew planning a wedding was a daunting task; however, as soon as we met with you the first time we were already feeling relieved. Each vendor you recommended was phenomenal. Everything you promised came to fruition. We would 100% recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for the truly best caterer! Our wedding would not have been the same without you. Thank you for making August 8th the best day ever!

Venue: Tarrywile Park and Mansion

Rentals provided by All Season Party Rentals

Photography by Picture This

Banking Center Corporate Event 2013

Hi Chris,

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the GREAT event that you catered on Friday. The response from customers and associates was overwhelming… I have very high expectations and you fulfilled them beautifully. Your staff was second to none, and the food that you provided was more than I could have asked for. I am looking forward to our next open house event…

I am so excited to be able to now have an event planner that I can recommend and feel great about.”

Banking Center Manager

Ward Memorial Service 2013

Dear Chris and Colleagues,

Thank you so much for your professional and personal guidance and support in creating a memorial service for my late husband. I have been dealing with a grief that was so all-consuming, I did not know if I had the emotional fortitude to create a memorial service.

Your professional and compassionate support changed my perception of the service from an event I was terrified to attend to an event that I will always remember with fondness. You, your colleagues and in particular, Sherri, helped bring a comfort and measure of closure to my husband’s family and friends.

I can no other answer make, than thanks, thanks, and again, thanks.

My Best to you,


Venue: Tarrywile Manison

Rentals: All Season Party Rentals

Amanda & Jared Wedding 2014

Dear Chris and Team;

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job that everyone did at our wedding. We were so impressed at the level of professionalism from all of your staff and how smoothly everything went throughout the night. All our guests raved about how great all the food was and the service that they received. My husband and I were able to sit back and enjoy ourselves completely knowing that everything was taken care of by you and your team and enjoyed every minute of the night.

We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everything from getting ready and having people checking in to orchestrating the wedding ceremony to walking us through the evening with ease.

A special thank you to Sherri for everything. She was incredibly helpful, hard working and ensured that everything went perfectly!

We are so thankful to all of you for sharing such an amazing beautiful day with us and recommend your services to everyone in the future!

Thank you again for everything. We appreciate all the work that went into putting together such an amazing evening.


Amanda & Jared

Jocelyn & Christopher Wedding 2014

Dear Chris and the rest of the Carriage House Staff:

I wanted to thank you all for an absolutely phenomenal/magical weekend.

Executing a two day wedding with over 150 people from two completely different cultures, a good portion of the people from overseas, and tons of homemade decorations, on a farm during a rainy April weekend in the flawless way that you all did is not something that many companies could match. We are still getting compliments from guests on how much they enjoyed the wedding.

The food was amazing, many of the guests said that it was the best food that they ever had at a wedding. For both the rehearsal dinner and on Saturday night, we had a lot of compliments as to how delicious everything was – so hats off to your chefs!

Another thing that was exceptional about the wedding was the attention paid to detail. Everything looked so beautiful. Chris (my husband) and I also especially enjoyed the attention paid to the guests and the one-on-one attention that we received. Thanks to the captain assigned to us, I had a drink in my hand and food all night as well as help coordinating my friends and working with the DJ.

Finally, I really appreciate the hours that you put into planning the wedding even before the month leading up to the day. We had a long engagement, but you were always accessible throughout the entire process — which is something that, for me made all the difference.

So thank you again for everything, it was better than I could have imagined and please tell everyone how much we enjoyed the weekend.

Warm regards,


Mike & Tara Wedding 2013

Hi Chris,

So sorry for the delayed response, we just got back from our honeymoon and kept saying to ourselves that we need to touch base!

We cannot begin to thank you for all you did to make our wedding the best day of our lives. besides the food being delicious (all of our guests raved about it!), every detail was perfectly executed. Your whole team did an amazing job of orchestrating our chaos 🙂 It was an amazing gift to be able to actually enjoy our wedding without having to worry about all the details that are so easy to get caught up in.

You were an amazing person to work with from the start. You answered all our questions quickly and gave us the best advice on all aspects of the wedding. Every person you recommended also worked in the same way you do, and made up an amazing team.

I don’t think we can really express how grateful we are to you. You always calmed us and made us feel at ease that everything was no only going to be okay but be beautiful and you absolutely came through in fulfilling that promise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mike and Tara

Christopher & Renata Wedding 2013

Dear Chris,

Renata and I would like to thank you for the excellent work at our recent wedding. She and I put a lot of care into the details of our wedding, and appreciate the help, support, and quality of your team.

Getting married isn’t easy. It’s a challenge preparing for the wedding day. Ren and I put a good deal of effort into making our flowers, center pieces, choosing our music, etc., put we never had to worry about the food. From helping us make the best decisions about our linens, and our wines, and dishes to complement our vision of our wedding day, you and your staff were there in every way.

All of our guests were pleased and impressed with the flavor, quality and freshness of the cuisine prepared for our wedding. I remember distinctly, as I enjoyed a serving of some delicious, prime rib, watching you and your staff visit each table, describe the entree’s, sauces, and side dishes with obvious care and pride. When my wife and I were being photographed with our families a server was always nearby making sure that we were being cared for.

Even when surprises happened, you and your staffers responded with care, professionalism, and with excellence. Not only did I never worry about the food, or the service, but I was routinely wowed by the attention to detail and care that we received.

I can heartily recommend Carriage House Catering to anyone seeking the highest quality food, service and attention that their guests and family deserve. Five stars, a perfect experience.

Christopher & Renata

Venue: Tarrywile Mansion

Rentals: All Season Party Rentals


Nate & Stephanie Wedding 2014

Hi Chris,

Sorry it took us awhile to get in touch. We had no service out of the country on our honeymoon. I just can’t thank you enough for such an amazing wedding. Everyone raved about the food. Sherry was incredible and so was the rest of the staff. Even though it rained and we had to change our original plans from an outside ceremony to inside, your staff made everything go smoothly. They even helped me decorate for the ceremony and it was beautiful! They couldn’t have been more professional and accommodating.

Nate and I are both so happy we met you. Not only are you a professional but you are generally just a wonderful person. We trusted every decision you made in helping us plan from start to finish, and we’re glad we did. You and your staff made our day so perfect and special we couldn’t thank you enough.

We only hope we get the opportunity to work with you again on any other upcoming events. We couldn’t imagine going through anyone else.

Sending all our gratitude and appreciation,

Nate & Stephanie

Venue: Tarrywile Mansion

Rentals: All Season Party Rentals

Yetzalee & Paul Wedding 2014

Dear Chris and the entire Carriage House Catering that took part in our wedding,

My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A worry never came to mind, everything was handled before we could even think about it. The event was as smooth as silk. You’re whole team worked collectively and in sync to make sure nothing was out of place. The food was absolutely delicious and presentation was an A+, the favorite dish was with the mushroom purse pasta.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, expertise and attention to detail.

Chris, we are beyond thrilled that we chose Carriage House Catering, in the weeks leading up to the event you were excellent managing my nerves and responding to any questions very promptly. You truly are top notch in the catering business. Thank you. We will keep you top of mind for future events.

All our best,

Yetzalee & Paul

Marie & Erik Wedding 2015

Hi Chris,

I hope all is well and summer has kept you busy but not too overwhelmed! Erik and I are winding down from wedding festivities and honeymoon time and working our way back into reality (its all good). Our wedding ceremony and reception at Tarrywile on August 15th was fabulous, and you are in so many ways to thank for this. The vendors you suggested, the guidance you gave along the way, your willingness to go above and beyond even when I was willing to walk away (the challenge of finding challah bread in august became personal for you, I was willing to let it go but you would have none of it!) all worked in harmony to pull the day together for us perfectly. You were always available and responsive to any detail, question, and concern we thought of (and some we didn’t).

We met during the initial planning stages – we were considering Tarrywile, but didn’t understand what it could mean to organize an event off-site. The day we stopped by to look at Tarrywile, we had the good fortune of meeting you. You presented some initial ideas to us and explained how you organize an event. I can say truthfully if it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the final weeks and last few days leading up to the “BIG DAY”, as much as we did. Since we were doing this largely on our own we didn’t have the resources to chase down vendors for answers. Being able to say to myself, “Chris has that under control,” or “I’ll check with Chris and see what he suggests,” whenever a detail crossed my mind gave me so much peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night. There’s always going to be some level of stress when you’re planning a wedding, but we were able to enjoy putting the personal touches on our day because you had everything else covered. My memories will include Erik and I spending some quiet time together as we assembled favors and seating cards, instead of frantically wondering why a vendor isn’t calling us back or listening to our concerns. As a bride who really wanted to enjoy her wedding day, and who also works and has other responsibilities, you don’t know what it meant to have such a low stress experience – you can’t put a price on that.

So again, thank you for all that you did to make our wedding day so memorable for all the right reasons. We may need to renew our vows next year just to have you cater the party (just be sure to bring the mushroom dumplings).

Best regards,

Marie & Erik