Who helps put the whole day together? Should I hire a wedding planner?

Not only do my team and I cater your wedding, we help you plan and run your event. I meet with you as often as you’d like to help put your whole day together. The day of your event I and my captains are present to ensure a smooth, flawless event.

I am not sure I have a vision for my wedding. Can you help with that?

Absolutely! I (Christopher Angione) have been in the wedding business for over 30 years and I will assist you throughout your planning stages. Need help creating your theme or ambiance? I will help you with suggestions on selecting various patterns and color for linens, china and silverware.

Have you catered my venue before?

I have worked at countless venues and homes throughout the greater CT area. If your event is at a location I have never been to I will visit the space a few times before your event takes place.

How do I select my menu?

I will meet with you to discuss the limitless options available as we create your menu together. Your offerings can be as casual as Bourbon Pulled Pork, CHEC Signature Paella, to Spicy Mango Chutney Sea Bass or Grilled Mediterranean Octopus. Your selection is vast!

Do you have any recommendations for other vendors?

Yes! I can suggest the essential wedding or event specialist you are looking for to be a part of your day; Photographers, DJ’s and music, on site hair stylist and more. I only recommend professionals I have worked with and seen in action. I have the highest standards because I want you to know that my team and I want your day to be perfect.